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Support and Hosting

Low-Cost, High-Quality Hosting with Unparalleled Support

At webceed, we have always prided ourselves on giving our customers the very best in terms of ROI when they use any of our services and with our superb hosting services,  this has never been truer to the word. Whether you have used our web design services to create your website or already have one ready to go, it is time to use our top-quality web hosting services to get them online and in front of your potential customers.

Why Choose Our Hosting Services?

If you have ever tried a free hosting service for your website, you will already know the many pitfalls and disadvantages that they bring – this is probably why you are on this page in the first place!

Say no to limited storage, poor performance & reliability and non-existent customer service and say yes to an affordable hosting provider such as us at webceed. You can enjoy having your website hosted on our high-performance services that offer more than adequate storage, unparalleled reliability, a dedicated support team and a bunch of other excellent features that you will have seen in our video above.

Watch our short explainer video about our website hosting and support services...

How else can WebCeed help me?

We know the importance of any website. Either it is the business or it is your online portal to bring you business by acting as sales and marketing channel to generate customer leads, and sales. Open source software websites need continuous monitoring, maintenance and fine tuning so that it can give optimum performance and stay safeguarded from any potential hackers. Our maintenance package will manage all this and more;

WordPress Updates

All open source software like WordPress websites need updating from time to time. Our maintenance packages include updates for core WordPress files and all plugins that your website is using.

Website Assistance Updates

Most of the websites needs minor changes and adjustments every now and then. You may find it difficult or have no time to make those changes so we can do this for you. Advanced design and development requests however may incur further charges.

Malware & Performance Scans

We run daily checks for malware together with performance scans to guide you on possible improvements. We can also fix hacked websites with additional charges.

Uptime Monitoring

Frequent down time of your website hampers your business as well as SEO search engine rankings. We closely keep watch on your website's uptime 24/7 and act fast to resolve when necessary.

Scheduled Cloud Backups

Find peace of mind with our proactive, secure daily and monthly scheduled cloud backups service.

Regular Reporting

We will send you monthly reports consisting of the updates and scans we have performed within the previous month together with website traffic analytics.

Let’s Talk

We know that you might have some questions that you will want to ask about our services, we would hope that you do in fact, of course, you should be making sure you choose the right maintenance provider. We are more than willing to answer those questions to finally give you the peace of mind that we can provide your website with the reliable web hosting and maintenance that it needs.

All these features are available for as low as £9.99. If you want a reliable, safe and secure website support and hosting service for your website, get in touch today!

Lets get started!