Snappages Website Builder Review 2019

Snappages Website Builder Review 2019

Snappages is an underrated, snappy website builder – Check it out

We have all heard of the big boys in the website building arena, but that does not mean the lesser publicised web building platforms should be completely ignored.

Snappages fits into this category as an easy to use drag and drop site builder.

Read on to learn more about this cloud hosting website builder in our honest Snappages review.

Battle Scores:

Ease of use:                             7.0/10

Flexibility & Features:            6.0/10

SEO & Mobile:                        5.5/10

Help & Support:                      6.0/10

Pricing:                                    5.5/10

Our overall rating:                  6.0/10

Note: If you feel battle scores are too low you could increase ease of use to 7.5, flexibility & features to 6.5, seo/mobile to 6.0 and support to 6.5. This would bring overall rating to 6.4 – same as Duda – they both seem fairly ‘average’ to me in terms of what is offered, hence the same scores if you increase the Snappages scores – If you do and wish to further differentiate between the two platforms then up Duda by 0.5/1.0).

Editor’s tip: New features added on a regular basis, but further customization options needed



·      Excellent editor: Snappages offers an excellent, very intuitive drag and drop editor.


·      Support:Enthusiastic, well-meaning support is offered.


·      Solid for scaling:Snappages is a solid web builder when it comes to increasingly scaling your business.




·      Limited template choice: Only 12 templates are offered.



·      Theme choice restricted: Only 21 templates available to choose from.




·      Price plan differential: Minimal differential in terms of what you get for your money in the 2 price plans offered.


Ease of Use:
Snap Pages is a drag and drop website builder that comes with enticing page sections and is user friendly.

As drag and drop builders go, this Snappages review found navigation and ease of use quite straightforward once although you do need to grasp the concept that different sections are referred to as ‘blocks’.

The editor is generally intuitive, quick and contains a prominent text editor.

Features & Flexibility:

There is a 14-day free trial available for those who wish to use Snappages and anyone who has experience of content management systems (CMS) will find a fair bit in common when manipulating data using Snap pages.

You will not have one unified interface; the navigation will be via a ‘dashboard’ and as such, pages will be edited using the page editor.

With only 21 templates you will find the choice very much lower than other major website builders offer, but those that are available are attractive.

Once you select a template you will then build additional pages by stacking each of your sections atop one another. These sections hold such things as text, images, text and forms, which, as mentioned are termed as ‘blocks’ by Snap pages.

One thing you need to be aware of (this is particularly relevant to inexperience users) relates to the photo editor gallery. Our Snappages review and testing shows a lack of options in this respect. You will find that there is no thumbnail grid and no way in which to reduce spacing between sections. If you have such issues there is the potential that your website will look cluttered rather than cultured! Seek advice from support if this problem affects you.

Another downside comes in terms of ecommerce options. There is no ecommerce function built in to Snappages, although you can incorporate 3rd party solutions to ensure any online store requirements are met.

When it comes to integrating 3rd party services (Examples: PayPal, Shopify and MailChimp) this process is quite straightforward and will allow you to build a web store which is fully functional.

For those into blogging there is also a built-in blogging tool that can easily be accessed and it is possible to schedule posts. Getting into the habit of producing regular blog articles is a proven way to keep your visitor interested and increase the chances they will return time and again to your site.

SEO & Mobility:

At best, our Snappages review would deem the platforms SEO capabilities as average. Whichever of the subscription package you chose, they both allow for the use of several SEO tools. This includes adding meta-tags to your different web pages, but our Snappages review must state that other builders out there offer far more comprehensive built-in SEO features.

If you do plump for the more expensive ‘Advanced’ account you will get built-in monitoring tools and can integrate Google Analytics.

As for mobile responsiveness, the good news is that all available Snap pages themes are fully mobile responsive and when viewed from any mobile device your site is attractively presented. Those visitors viewing from mobile devices will see consolidated content through longer pages. This approach makes reading the information you have presented far easier.

Support & Resources:

Our Snappages review sees the support offered as average. To get maximum out of this support it is necessary to go for the higher of the two subscription packages.

It should be said that when you do get the attention of the support team, they are responsive and will assist with any issues encountered.

Due to the importance you should place on support and resources regardless of the web building platform you decide on, our Snappages review recommends that you consider the 14-day free trial in order to ascertain the type of support you can expect to receive.


You should not get bogged down by complexities when considering pricing. As you will see, our Snap pages review shows the platform offers just 2 plans.

These are their Basic plan and the Advanced plan.

Costs below are quoted for those paying monthly and the discounted cost if you pay the annual amount as a once off payment. All prices in US$:

Monthly Pricing:

Basic= $16 / $12

Advanced = $26 / $18



Conclusion & Recommendations:

Our Snappages review must conclude that from a positive point of view the drag and drop editor is very good.

Snappages requires very little technical knowledge to get you started and coding is not required (although coding knowledge will enhance your experience) but we would like to see far stronger customization and themes before we recommend it amongst our top web building platforms.

While Snappages offers a reasonable choice for those looking to build a website that is straightforward and personalised our honest Snappages review assessment is that there are better choices out there.

The final thing we would say, is that with a 14-day free trial Snappages is certainly worth a runout to allow you to match its features and usability against your needs.

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