Mobile Design

Mobile Design

Get Mobile Responsive Design from webceed and prevent Your Mobile users from going elsewhere

Is your website mobile responsive? If not you could be losing a far greater share of conversions than you could ever have imagined. In years gone by it was commonly accepted that most traffic on the internet was generated by desktop computers or laptops. However, since 2014, mobile devices such as smartphones have overtaken computers and laptops and make up the lion’s share of internet activity.

Why Does this Matter?

A website is a website, right? Well, yes but websites designed in yesteryear only had to be compatible with screens the size of monitors and not for smaller screens found on mobile phones and tablets. This means that websites that are not mobile responsive are providing a horrid user experience for anyone connecting from mobile devices.

High-quality responsive websites are able to automatically detect the size of the screen of the device connecting to the site and adjust to fit the screen perfectly. This delivers a far better user experience for your mobile users which in turn improves the chances of mobile conversions for your business.

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webceed is able to provide top-quality mobile web design in London giving your business a fully mobile responsive website. We have more than a decade’s worth of experience in web development. In that time we have built up a strong reputation for being reliable, affordable and well-known for our expertise when it comes to integrating other digital marketing services into your package.

Combined, we guarantee that your website not only looks great but also performs well in the search engine rankings as well.

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