How to choose the best website builder? (Updated 2019)

How to choose the best website builder? (Updated 2019)

How to decide which is the best website builder for small business use? Due to the number of platforms available the choice can be bewildering, but hopefully the tips and information we give below will point you in the right direction.

We will take a close look at the best website builder for small business entrepreneurs because while running a small business, or starting one from scratch holds exciting opportunities it is not short of hurdles to overcome.

A run-of-the mill website is not good enough:

As a small business you are behind the competition when it comes to getting online recognition. It is important that you get your company name and brand recognition out there in a positive, interesting fashion.

When looking at best cheap website builder options it is important to understand that with effort, creativity and originality you can level the playing field against your more established competitors.

This does not need to be prohibitively expensive, but in all truth you should be looking for a paid subscription to whichever best website builder for small business platform you choose.

The reason for stating this is that while there are free services out there, and we have included ones that offer free platforms, as you would expect, these have limitations that can be restrictive.

The reality is that the best DIY website builder functionality will be achieved through a paid subscription.

As with all free services this will limit your ability to get the exact message over to those you are targeting. In terms of subscriptions, the low price paid for the additional functions and flexibility make such a decision a very wise one.

The aim of your website:

When looking at the best business website builder for your needs you should think of your website as an electronic face to the online world.

With the help of an easy to use, best online website builder service you will achieve the following:

  • Clarity: Of company name, contact details, brand recognition, core values and ethos
  • Clarity: Of target audience
  • Clarity and ease of navigation: A clear indication of the products and/or services offered with ease of navigation to more detailed descriptions of the individual products or services. Don’t forget, the best business website builder services will allow the inclusion of video as well as text format
  • Ease of access: To interesting free resources such as your blog, any external websites you have linked with, or ones you feel are appropriate to your image.
  • Positive customer experience: Achieving and maintaining the above will ensure visitors want to return on a regular basis.

When using a best business website builder your main aim should be to attract your clearly defined target audience, but above all it should give any visitors a good customer experience while visiting your site.

Remember: The more satisfying their visit, the more often they are likely to return.

Put yourself in a visitor’s shoes:

Before we get into 7 of the best cheap website builder options, it is recommended that you list things that appeal to you while visiting websites in general and your favourite ones in particular.

This is not so you can copy others but to give ideas and inspiration on how best to present your brand and image. Rest assured that this can be achieved by using one of the best website builder for small business applications.

Remember:  Originality and clear vision will set you apart from others in an online world that is full of opportunity, but also comes with some fierce competition.

Don’t allow fear of ‘technology’ to delay your decision:

There is certainly no shortage of sites claiming to offer the best free website builder for small business services out there. What is more, we know from our earliest experiences that just trying to narrow down a short-list can be a daunting prospect, one that causes many to delay their investigations.

Please understand that this does not need to be the case. The very best online website builder packages are literally ‘drag and drop’. We are not talking days to complete. With the best DIY website builder you can have a website to be proud of within hours.

Of course, there is a key to success in terms of return visitors, increased brand awareness and building a loyal following, that key is the same whichever best cheap website builder package you plump for:

It is essential your website is kept regularly up to date and that you constantly add items of interest.

Best cheap website builder solutions:

Below we have selected 7 of the best website builder for small business services available and please rest assured, these have been chosen after testing many.

They are all appropriate in terms of giving you a website that is easy to construct, easy to manage, and above all, will help get you noticed in the competitive business sector in which you are operating in.

Some require a little more technical knowhow than others, but when implemented all have the ability to give you that all important business advantage.


Wix currently stand top of the pile as the number 1 best DIY website builder platform. They began business in 2006 and must be ranked as one of the pioneering companies in the code free, drag and drop best online website builder ‘industry’.

Free and subscribed packages are available with a free 14-day trial period included for users who upgrade from the free package. This best business website builder allows you full control of creative design for your website and allows content to be placed wherever you wish.

In excess of 131 million websites created, covering all types of business created in more than 190 countries should tell you that when it comes to best online website builder services that Wix lead the way.

They offer in excess of 500 professionally designed templates to choose from and it is easy to see why many feel they sweep the board in the category of best online website builder offerings.

The company currently have 3.7 million paying subscribers. This is surely a pointer to money well spent when looking to get superb value from the best online website builder subscription.

Those starting out on the road to getting their business noticed can be confident that this best website builder for small business will allow you to walk before you run, but is also there for those who successfully move past initial stages and want a more professional website. This is offered through gradual upgrade in their paid subscription packages.



Another huge influencer in the history of the best cheap website builder sector and one that we personally find hard to resist.

Weebly were formed in 2007 and over the last few years have seen a very healthy growth in business. Their user base now stands in excess of 40 million websites built and all current indications show a continuous, positive growth in customer numbers.

When it comes to the best website builder for small business users Weebly is arguably the easiest to implement out there.

This super-intuitive platform offers a host of advantages for those looking for the best DIY website builder.


Weebly is recognised as one of the easiest platforms to use due to its extremely user-friendly approach.

To emphasise this point, those tackling their first website design and implementation will find that once they get started they really do not need a whole lot of guidance.

Weebly are also one of the few best DIY website builder platforms that allows importation of a 3rd-party created theme as well as giving full access to edit your websites entire HTML code.

This makes it an excellent choice for complete novices and for more advanced users with coding experience who wish to further customise a site by adapting the code.

The number of mobile responsive templates is constantly growing and they currently offer 60 free themes.

One other point which will prove invaluable to those starting out on the web building road is that Weebly manage all technical aspects on your behalf. This should not be underestimated.

Important issues such as performance and security updates are theirs to look after, meaning you can concentrate on what is most important to you; improving your website and attracting visitors.

While Weebly do offer a free account this is not recommended for those looking for a best business website builder. Limitations in storage, hosting and web address mean the free version will not meet your needs.

However the 3 subscription tiers certainly do provide professionalism. Weebly also offer a generous 30-day refund period for those who opt to upgrade from the free service to a subscribed package.



Squarespace was established 2 years before Wix and must also be classed in the pioneer bracket when it comes to best DIY website builder category.

They do not offer a free service but do give a free 14-day trial period. This allows prospective users time to get a feel for the product before deciding whether or not they want to opt for the paid version.

As one of the longest established, best DIY website builder services you will benefit from the beautifully designed templates that really are stand-out, the ability to implement 3rd party apps and integrations is easy, and the use of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) access and customisation work effectively to control the layout of multiple web pages all at once.

An important point offered by this best business website builder is the mobile responsiveness of site designs. This means that users do not need to use a mobile editor for visitors who access their site via a mobile device.

In terms of the best online website builder WordPress has impressed countless of small business owners since entering the market in 2003.

It is the most popular blogging software on the market and is consistently attracting its share of users looking to implement it as a content management package for non-blogging sites. It does have to be said that those using WordPress will benefit from experience in terms of coding, or those prepared to pay for the services of someone with coding knowledge.

While it is an open source website builder which gives freedom to modify your website and how different tools work it is not drag and drop. The ability to manage your content placing depends very much on how the design template you choose is set up.

WordPress does offer lots of free plugins, some much better than others and there is a huge community of users out there ready to offer free advice and assistance. The premium plugins which can be purchased are of higher quality, but there is also the cost of these to be taken into account when setting up a best DIY website builder.

While WordPress is a solid choice in the best business website builder arena, and has advantages when it comes to search engine optimisation, it should also be understood that it will not be the cheapest option out there. The less experience you have in web building the more likely your costs will rise.



When it comes to best website builder for small business use, Strikingly is worthy of consideration.

This platform gives immediate power to those with little or no experience in web development the opportunity to create a very professional looking website. Indeed it is the choice of many one-person operations, freelancers and small business owners.


Because this excellent best DIY website builder specialises in one-page websites.

While you can add up to 20 pages, there are many advantages of having all relevant information on a one-page web presence, not least because it is the homepage of any site that SEO giants Google and the like treat as the most important in terms of ranking.

You are limited to 25 design templates but each of these has a very modern feel. Importantly, all are designed to attract visitors.

All sites created with this best online website builder are mobile friendly. TO add weight to this, Strikingly have recently introduced a mobile app for both Android and iOS that allows you to manage your website on the go.

This best cheap website builder offers a very straightforward 3-tier subscription policy, and while the free service is probably not what you are looking for, their ‘limited’ subscription package is a sound launching pad, although it does have to be said that their pro-subscription offer will meet your every need.



My penultimate best online website builder is SnapPages. They were amongst the first drag and drop website builders, launching in 2008.

The good news for those looking at which is the best business website builder for their purpose is that the company have continuously fine-tuned their offering since inception.

It is true that SnapPages do not offer the functionality and wide choice that you would receive from the likes of Wix or Weebly, but many embarking on their first foray into the world of best website builder for small business platforms do not feel the need for such a selection of options.

You will find it fast and easy to create your website and the simplicity of integrating 3rd party ecommerce tools such as PayPal and Shopify have proved sufficient for many first time business owners.

Plans range from $4-$15 per month and while their lower end subscription packages limit what can be achieved, their higher end packages are seen by many as adequate when it comes to 1st choice as best cheap website builder.



My final recommendation for the best cheap website builder is not for the faint-hearted, but for those who have a modicum of experience in web design, or those willing to learn over a period of time, you can reap rewards by looking at TemplateToaster.

Those with creative skills will certainly find this a rewarding experience in terms of a best DIY website builder.

The responsive templates you create are compatible with all modern browsers, you will have drag and drop functionality, and there is an integrated graphic editor to crop images, change image size, colour settings as well as other parameters.

You will also have access to a stock image gallery and the opportunity to add as many modules or widgets as you please.

The sum total of making full use of this best DIY website builder is that, if you wish, you may start with a blank canvass.

TemplateToaster allows you to create technically complicated templates without coding and affords easy connection to content management systems.

What you will lose in time when it comes to setting up a web presence by using this best cheap website builder, you will certainly make up for in originality.

There is a free and limited version of TemplateToaster, but for those with artistic flair who wish to sell design templates as part of their business it will benefit you to go for the once off, full license cost.

Onward selling of these designs will very quickly see you in profit, so, for those concerned with design and original delivery of sites for clients please do consider TemplateToaster.


Our choice of the best Website Builder platform

Top 3 Website Builder platforms:


Weebly Website Builder by Square

Read full review
Ease of Use
Features & Flexibity
SEO & Mobility
Help & Support
Go To Weebly Website

Wix Website Builder

Read full review
Ease of Use
Features & Flexibity
SEO & Mobility
Help & Support
Go To Wix Website
3 Website Builder

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Ease of Use
Features & Flexibity
SEO & Mobility
Help & Support
Go To Website

Conclusion and recommendation:

When looking at the best cheap website builder for your business, it really is horses for courses in terms of what experience you and/or your team have and where your priorities lie.

The 7 choices of best business website builder we have given will certainly meet the important requirements of getting your company and brand out there and noticed.

But, for the many who are looking at an easy to use, highly effective platform, one that relieves you of technical worries while encouraging ease of development we would have to recommend Weebly as the best website builder for small business users.

Click here to try Weebly RISK-FREE Today!

Click here to try Weebly RISK-FREE Today!


That’s all for now:

We hope you have enjoyed this best web builder article and have gleaned some useful information on the best website builder for small business solutions out there. Please do keep an eye out for our articles as we have lots of information relating to online services offered.

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